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Eyelid aesthetic

Eyelid aesthetics are performed to correct deformations and sagging caused by loosening of the tissues in the upper or lower eyelids due to aging or other reasons. This operation is usually performed to beautify the appearance due to aesthetic concerns. In some cases, in addition to correcting the appearance, it also corrects the heaviness of the eyelids and the disorders that prevent vision. The lower and upper eyelids can be treated separately, as well as the upper and lower eyelids together. Eyelid aesthetic operation can be performed together with eyebrow drooping, facial sagging or droopy eyelid operations.

With incisions over the natural lines of the upper eyelid, the upper eyelid is shaped by intervening the skin, muscle and fat tissues required in this area. The lower eyelid operation is performed from the bottom of the lower eyelash margin or from the inside of the eyelid. The purpose of the intervention on the eyelid is to tighten the loose tissues. Sometimes these interventions can be combined with eyebrow lifting, almond eye or face lift procedures.

Depending on the severity of the procedure, the patient is discharged on the same day. Generally, the sutures are removed within 5-6 days, after which the edema on the face is significantly reduced.