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Under Eye Light Filling

Insomnia, genetic factors, irregular diet and stressful life bring along aesthetic problems. One of them is bruises and collapses under the eyes. In the treatment of these problems, under-eye light filling is used.

Hyaluronic acid, which is used in filling applications, is a natural substance already present in the human body. The melting time of the fillings varies according to the filling product used and the applied area. In areas where the movement is less than the lower face, such as under the eyes, there is a permanence of 12-18 months. Before the application, anesthetic creams are used to completely prevent the patient from feeling pain.

Under-Eye Light Fill application is a very practical medical intervention and there is no recovery process. The person can return to his/her life without any problem immediately after the application. It is natural to have edema in the treated area for a few days. These edemas, mild swellings and redness are temporary and will completely return to normal a few days after the application. Unlike other filling applications, this application is applied on the bone, not under the skin.

Under-eye filler can be applied with a needle as well as with a cannula. I perform the under-eye filler application to my patients with a cannula. The cannula is a blunt device used for filling. In an area that is sensitive to pain and rich in blood vessels, such as the area around the eyes, needle procedures may be painful sometimes, but not always, and may cause long-term bruising due to bleeding as a result of needle damage to the patients who apply with the request of under-eye brightness. The cannula both eliminates pain and suffering and minimizes the risk of bleeding. It is a procedure that does not exceed 5 minutes with zero bleeding when performed in experienced hands, and the patient can return to his daily routine immediately after the procedure.

It is recommended to consume plenty of water for 15 days after the procedure. After 15 days, the patient is re-evaluated for control purposes.