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With the aging process, the skin of the face, especially the cheekbones, chin and under-eye area, loses its tight and full-looking structure. With filler applications, it is possible to reshape the face and remove the signs of aging by replacing the lost volume in the skin and soft tissues. Hyaluronic acid, which is used in filling applications, is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. The melting time of the fillings varies according to the filling product used and the applied area. While it stays for 8-10 months in mobile areas such as the lip area, there is a permanence of 12-18 months on the bone.

As in every medical practice, after the determination of the patient's needs and general health status, the areas that need filling application in the face area are determined. Before the filling applications, anesthetic creams are used to completely prevent the patient from feeling pain.

Filling application is a very practical medical intervention and there is no recovery process. The person can return to his life without any problems immediately after the application, but it is natural to have edema for a few days in the application area. These edemas, mild swellings and redness are temporary and will completely return to normal a few days after the application.